Module: caf_dcinabox/plug_container

Manages a Docker container.


 { image: string, hostname: string, containerNameSuffix: string,
   ports: Array<{hostIp:string, hostPort: number, containerPort: number},
   volumes: Array.<{source:string, destination:string}>,
   networks: Array.<string>, privileged: boolean,
   props: Object.<string, string>, registryUsername: string=,
   registryPassword: string=, workingDir: string=, outputFile: string=,
   cmdArray: Array.<string>}


  • image: container image name.
  • hostname: a host name given to this container in the internal network.
  • containerNameSuffix: a suffix for the container name.
  • ports: exposed ports.
  • volumes: exposed volumes.
  • networks: internal networks this container should belong to.
  • privileged: whether this is a privileged container.
  • props: environment properties for the container.
  • registryUsername: username in the image registry.
  • registryPassword: password in the image registry.
  • workingDir: directory for container processes.
  • outputFile: optional file to log output. Defaults to stdout.
  • cmdArray: command to start process in container.