Module: caf_platform/pipeline_main

Main processing pipeline for CA messages.

Contains an array of stateless pipes using an extended connect middleware that supports websockets:

Internally we have two 'connect' pipelines: one for websockets and the other one for http requests. Pipe configuration will select one (or both) of these pipelines.

Each pipe also provides a connectSetup(app) method that will register a standard 'connect' function interface, i.e., function(req, res, next).

Typically 'connect' uses stream interfaces on req/res to read the input and respond. Instead, websockets overlay a message interface by adding the input message to req.body. We also guarantee that the response is sent in a single ws.send call.

This allow us to easily switch to a plain http interface (no websockets) by adding the connect bodyParser middleware, which creates req.body.


   {specialMethods: Array.<string>}


  • specialMethods: special routes associated with a custom function, e.g., ping or stats.