caf_react 0.3.0

CAF (Cloud Assistant Framework)

Co-design permanent, active, stateful, reliable cloud proxies with your web app.

See http://www.cafjs.com

CAF React.js background rendering plugin

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Reduces latency for React.js applications by server-rendering the UI with a CA.

Rendering could be triggered by a CA's state change, or periodically. The goal is that there is always a reasonably up-to-date version in the (Redis) cache.

To access that pre-rendered page we simply do a http GET using a secret, random cache key in the query:


The page is cached by Redis, and any CA can serve this http request, eliminating redirections that increase latency.


See module:caf_react/proxy_react

Configuration Example

See module:caf_react/plug_react and module:caf_react/plug_ca_react


    // after "cp"
        "name" : "react",
        "module": "caf_react#plug",
        "description": "React.js background rendering",
        "env": {
            "appFileName" : "index.html",
            "separator" : "<section id=\"content\">",
            "cacheService" : "cp",
            "expiresInSec" : 10


        "module": "caf_react#plug_ca",
        "name": "react",
        "description": "Manages background rendering for this CA.",
        "env" : {
            "maxRetries" : "$._.env.maxRetries",
            "retryDelay" : "$._.env.retryDelay"
            "coinPlayTime" : 900
        "components" : [
                "module": "caf_react#proxy",
                "name": "proxy",
                "description": "Provides the background rendering API.",
                "env" : {