caf_rpi 0.3.0

CAF.js (Cloud Assistant Framework)

Co-design permanent, active, stateful, reliable cloud proxies with your web app and gadgets.

See http://www.cafjs.com

Bootstrapping a Raspberry Pi 2/3

Setting up a RPi2 or RPi3 for running CAF.js applications is easy.

Start with an up to date raspbian image, install Docker with:

curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh

Register for a cloud account in https://root-launcher.cafjs.com with user, e.g., bar. Create a CA instance of the root-gadget app to manage the device bar-device1. See external:caf (https://cafjs.github.io/api/caf) and external:caf_dcinabox (https://cafjs.github.io/api/caf_dcinabox) for details.

Then, execute in the RPi:

curl -sSL  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cafjs/caf_rpi/master/setup.sh | bash -s -- bar-device1 pleasechange

where bar-device1 is the identifier of the device, and pleasechange the cloud service password for user bar. After the setup is done, only a restricted authentication token will be kept in the device. To clear the shell history (with your password):

history -c && history -w

Deployment of device apps and tokens is now managed by the root-gadget app.